White Rose Vegetarian Kitchen – Calgary


Dwayne and I want to express our deep gratitude to all our staff, fellow local businesses, and suppliers for being involved in the White Rose with us here in Bowness, and in our other projects in the city over the last 16 years. And to all our customers – we are so very thankful for all the patronage, and the encouragement… it was a sincere pleasure to provide cool places for you to gather and connect with each other over a nice meal. We were so happy being in service to the community of Bowness even though it was for a much shorter time than we had planned. A very special thank you to our landlords, Brian and Jim, who went above and beyond on this project with us, and supported us consistently once we opened. They are men of the highest integrity, and they gave us back some of the trust we had lost along the way. What a gift, we will never forget you.

After 16 years in business, we are thankful for the amazing memories and for all of those who helped make it happen with us along the way. Thank you everyone. We had some great times!

Yours in service,

Alberta and Dwayne