WHITE ROSE Vegetarian Kitchen – NOW OPEN

We are pleased to announce two new eateries brought to you by the owners of Big Fish and Open Range. Located on historic Main Street Bowness in NW Calgary. Chef Dwayne Ennest’s innovative vegetarian menu aims serve you truly creative combinations of ingredients, flavours, textures, and seasonings. Our “smaller plates” and “bigger plates” menu format is perfect for sharing “family style”; sample a few or design your own feast from the unique offerings. There are several vegan options, and almost the entire menu is gluten free.

Our focus is delivering a unique and satisfying dining experience for guests who aren’t vegetarians as well as those on every point of the vegetarian spectrum.

White Rose Opening Hours

Monday-Saturday 11:30am – 9pm

Sunday 10am – 9pm (brunch menu served in addition to main menu 10am-2pm)


Vegan and vegan available choices, and the few items containing gluten are indicated on our menu. We also have a special menu available for guests who cannot have garlic or onion. Our experienced staff can assist you with any dietary concerns you may have.



…our second concept at this location is:

The COAL SHED SMOKEHOUSE which is open all winter. Located right outside the White Rose front door, a sea-can kitchen take out window serving house smoked, braised and grilled meats. During very cold weather the metal window will be closed, so just come inside to place your order!